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Eco friendly spa cleaning pad made of crushed walnut shells.


A reusable hot tub shell cleaning pad that will clean up those though scum lines when your changing the water in your hot tub or giving it a good spring-cleaning. Tough and durable, it will not scratch the acrylic hot tub shell. Can be used with most hot tub cleaning products.



  • Eco friendly, made from crushed walnut shells
  • Safe to use on acrylic hot tub shells
  • Reusable: just wash and dry
  • Makes cleaning the tough scum lines a breeze
  • Cleans better than the harsh chemicals
  • Large scrubbing surface - pad measures 6" x 9"

No need to spend a whole day cleaning the scum line in your hot tub, this cleaning pad can help reduce the amount of worked needed to clean your hot tubs waterlines. Make a quick job of your hot tub clean up when changing the water.