Your hot tub works great...until it doesn't. If your hot tub malfunctions or the breaker trips during winter it can be fatal! Get peace of mind with The Spa Dragons' Patented monitoring system with Thermal backup Protection to Help Prevent Your Spa from Freezing in Winter!

What would happen if your hot tub malfunctioned during winter?

If your hot tub stops working in winter it can become a ticking time bomb!  If the hot tub malfunctions in cold weather, the water could freeze and the expansion of water as it freezes could cause the pipes and components to crack and burst . This type of damage can cost thousands of dollars to the point that your hot tub would need to be disposed of.  The Spa Dragon provides the best insurance against freeze damage caused by equipment failure.

Not when you have The Spa Dragon!

The Spa Dragon monitors the water temperature in your hot tub and if the temperature drops for any reason The Spa Dragon will activate the heater to warm the interior to help prevent damage from the cold.   

You could be on the beach in Mexico and The Spa Dragon will notify you when activated that you need to call a service tech.  

No more asking friends/relatives to babysit your hot tub every day while you're away!